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Hi, my name is Kaitlin. I love to write feature posts for up-and-coming musicians. Check out my "Special Features" section! Send me a submission or shoot me an email at if you're interested.

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Hi Kaitlin.

We’d love if you could give our debut EP a listen. 

It’s free to download and we think you’ll dig i.


Within five seconds of listening to “Waves” I knew this was going to be something I liked.  I haven’t posted in forever, because I haven’t gotten any specific submissions.  Normally I just receive submissions via email because I’m on a listserv.  AND this is especially noteworthy because these folks are from the D!  Alright!

"To Feel Small" is a really enjoyable listen.  I’m currently grooving away in my favorite coffee shop and neglecting my reading assignment.  I dig the groove, I dig the vocals courtesy of Lianna Vanicelli, and the instrumentation, mixing, mashing, and production by Alex Kaye is top notch.  


You can find Valley Hush on Facebook.  

Joe Jackson - Steppin’ Out

from Night and Day, 1982

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

from Innervisions, 1973

2pac - Changes ft. Talent

from Greatest Hits, 1998

p.s. when you go to the Wikipedia page for this song its classified as “conscious hip hop”.  That’s one of my favorite things in the world because…is all other hip hop unconscious? 

Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way It Is

from The Way It Is, 1986

Ben Folds Five - Kate

from Whatever And Ever, Amen, 1997

The Beatles - Let It Be

from Let It Be, 1970

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind

from The Genius Hits The Road, 1960

Depeche Mode - Somebody

from Some Great Reward, 1984

One of my favorite songs of all time.

Evanescence - My Immortal

from Origin, 2000